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Kinetic Kids Meet Schedules:

Compulsory (L 3-5)

Optional (L 6-9)

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Saturday, January 24th      Gym Opens: 7:45am

Session 1:       Level 2, 3, XB        Set/Stretch: 8:00am, March-In: 8:30 am

Session 2:        Xcel Silver            Set/Stretch: 11:30am, March-In: 12:00pm

Session 3:        Xcel Gold             Set/Stretch: 3:30pm, March-In: 4:00pm

Sunday, January 25th      Gym Opens: 7:45am

Session 1:       Level 4, 5              Set/Stretch: 8:00am, March- In: 8:30am

Session 2:       Level 6, 7              Set/Stretch: 12:00pm, March-In: 12:30pm

Session 3:       Level 8, 9, Xcel Platinum      Set/Stretch: 4:00pm, March-In: 4:30pm