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Kinetic Kids Rules and Policies

Payment Policy: Full payment is due upon registering.  If necessary, other arrangements may be made with Sue.


Registration Policy: All registrations will be taken on a first come basis four weeks before each session start.  Please register early.

Refunds: All fees are non-refundable after three weeks of the session, although a credit can be arranged in most circumstances.


Parking:  Please only park in the handicapped spot if you are HANDICAPPED.  Don’t park in spots designated for other companies.  Do not leave double parked cars unattended.


Family Discounts:  Your second child will receive a 10%

Pro-rated Fees:  All fees will be pro-rated for the number of weeks remaining in the session.

Returned Checks: There will be a $20 fee for any returned checks.


Trial Classes:  Free trial classes are available at all levels during the first 7 weeks of the session.  Please call the office for information.


Make-up Policy:  If your child is possibly contagious, please keep him/her out of class and schedule a make-up.  All gymnasts are allowed 1 make-up per session.  They must be made up within the session in which they were missed. Make-ups must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, as soon as possible after the missed class, and are subject to availability. There will be no make-ups during the award week.  


Class Cancellations: For storm closings, an email will be sent out, and the gym's status will be posted on the front page of this website as well as Facebook. If your child misses a class because WE cancel his/her class, you may schedule an additional make-up during that session, but make-ups are subject to availability. You cannot be credited unless the cancellation occurs during the last 2 weeks of the session.


Preschool Attire:  Girls should wear either a leotard or shorts/pants and a t-shirt. Any tights must be without feet. Please no dresses, leotards with skirts, or 2 piece leotards.  Hair must be secured to stay out of their face. Boys should wear shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt that tucks in. All children must have bare feet. Please no jeans, belts, or overalls. All jewelry must be removed before entering the gym.  This includes all earrings except studs with a safety backing, and bracelets of all kinds (silly bands, etc).  In “Mom” & Me classes, the adult accompanying the child must take off their shoes.


Girls After School Attire:  Girls must wear a leotard. Leotards with skirts are not permissible.  Bike shorts or footless tights may be worn with a leotard if desired. All students must have bare feet.


Boys After School Attire:  Boys must wear shorts, or sweats and a t-shirt that tucks in. Hair must be secured to stay out of their face.  All students must have bare feet. Wait in the waiting room for your class to be called.


Other Attire rules:

1. All hair must be secured back away from the face.

2. All jewelry must be removed before entering the gym. This includes all earrings except for studs with safety backs, and bracelets of all kinds (silly bands, etc).


Other Gym Rules: 

1. No parents are allowed in the gym except by invitation. If, at any time, you have a question or see something of concern to you, please speak to the office staff.

2. Wait in the waiting room for your class to be called.

3. No gum chewing is allowed in the gym.

4. No food or beverages are allowed in the gym.  Water is permitted in a sport-type bottle.

5. All “booboo’s must be completely covered by bandages

6. No shoes are allowed in the gym.

7. In Mom & Me Classes, all babies brought into the gym MUST be in a stroller or a car seat.  BABIES MAY NOT BE CARRIED AROUND THE GYM FOR SAFETY REASONS.